How much does it cost to repair my luggage? 

Please refer to the Price list. Please send a photo of your luggage WhatsApp: 61311930  /66291685 to our CS team (whole picture and damage of the luggage), we will evaluate the repair process and parts specifications and provide you the repair fee.

【Reminder】Final repair fee will be confirmed by craftsman after check, and the repair fee provided by CS team for reference only.

My luggage is badly damaged, can it be repaired?

You can refer to the pictures of Success Storeis, provide photos of the damage and describe the situation you encountered and other relevant information to us via Whatsapp, our CS team will reply as soon as possible to confirm the repair details and price.

Are the parts used in the repair the same as the original parts?

We will use the parts suitable for the specifications of your luggage for repair, replacement and modification, all replacement wheels are equipped with bearing make sure wheels are smooth, our main aim is to restore normal function of your luggage.

How long does it take for the repair service? Can I get it back the same day?

It takes about 1 hour for the repair/replace service, which varies depending on the traffic. For express service, an additional fee %50 applied. (about 15-30 minutes to complete)

【Reminder】Express service depends on the traffic and damage level, not all of them can request express service.

Will there have warranty after repairing? How long is it?

The warranty period is 3 months, and we can only provide one free repair service during the warranty period. The original receipt must be presented upon request, and no reissue  if lost.

【Reminder】Warranty does not apply to pull handle and repair ONE wheel.

Luggage First Aid will update the product information and price from time to time, and reserves the right to change the product information and price without prior notice, and all orders are subject to the actual situation of the relevant product before final confirmation.