Do you know the condition of your luggage ?

Does a short period of usage indicate good condition ?
Issues can happen in luggage even without much usage. It will be a huge problem for you if the lugggae breaks down during travel.

You must check your luggage’s condition before travel.
Especially in suitcases used for a longer time.
It is a waste to throw away suitcases used only a few times.

Luggage First Aid - Luggage Repair Expert

Luggage First Aid was established in 2014. We have fixed more than 10,000 luggage throughout the years.

We serve our every customer with fine craftsmanship and an ever-improving spirit, so that we can deliver to you service with the best quality.

Our shops operate in different areas in Hong Kong, and we are still expanding constantly. Our repair service is all operated by professional expert.

Luggage First Aid provides various luggage repair service, including luggage wheel repair (single wheel, double wheel, movable metal seats with single wheel) and pull handle repair.

We offer service guarantee so that you can enjoy our repair service with ease.

99% of all luggage is repairable. Feel free to contact us by Whatsapp and send us a photo of the luggage. We will give you a price quote and reserve a repair session for you as soon as possible.

Quick repair

Express Repair (+$50)

Repair lasts for around 45 minutes (double wheel repair and movable metal seats with single wheels repair may last for 2 hours)
Express repair service lasts for 30 minutes or less. Availability depends on the demand at a particular shop and the condition of the luggage that requires fixing (For more info, enquire our customer service representative via WhatsApp)

Please bring your luggage to the shop. After repairing, our logistic team will deliver the luggage to your address (delivery fee from $20).
You can also collect the fixed luggage at shop. Additional price may be charged for removing the movable metal seat of the luggage.

We recommend you to first contact us via WhatsApp, and send us some photos showing the condition of your luggage.
We will quote price and reserve for you a time slot for the repair session as soon as possible.
You only need to bring the luggage to our designated shop under the reserved time slot. We will arrange repair service with our professional repair expert.
Once the repair is completed, our logistic team will deliver the luggage to your address. You can also collect the luggage at shop.

Service Guarantee

Free inspection

45-Minute Express Repair

3-month Post Repair Warranty

Customer Feedback