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Luggage First Aid provides various luggage repair services, including luggage wheel repair and pull handle repair. Usage level and condition varies in every luggage. If you have any questions regarding our repair service, or if you are unsure of the type of service your luggage needs, feel free to contact us by clicking the above WhatsApp button. We recommend you to contact our customer representative and send us photos of your luggage, for us to do an inital inspection and suggest a suitable repair service.

Payment Method

1. Pay at shop – Reserve a repair session with our customer representative through WhatsApp. Bring the luggage to shop at the reserved time slot. Pay at shop.
2. Pay Online – Pick a suitable repair service and pay online. Save the transaction record. Reserve a repair session with our customer representative, then bring the luggage, together with the screencap or print version of the transaction record, to shop for repair.

Service Features

Free Inspection

45-Mintue Quick Repair

3-month Post Repair Warranty


  1. Repair lasts for around 45 minutes (double wheel repair and movable metal seats with single wheels repair may last for 2 hours)
    Express Repair (+$50) lasts for 30 minutes or less. Availability depends on the demand at a particular shop and the condition of the luggage that requires fixing (For more info, enquire our customer service representative via WhatsApp)
  2. Please bring the luggage to shop. After repair, our logistic team will deliver the luggage to your address (delivery fee from $20). You can also collect the luggage at shop. Additional price may be charged for movable metal seat removal/ repair service.
  3. 3-month warranty applies to Luggage Wheel Repair/ Replacement Service (excluding repair for a single wheel or pull handle repair). We offer one free repair during the warranty period. Please show the original copy of the transaction record (receipts will not be reissued if lost).
  4. Due to patent right issue, Luggage First Aid does not provide any repair service for any luggage under the Rimowa brand.

In case of dispute, Luggage First Aid reserves the right to make final decision without further notice.