Luggage Repair Tips

Luggage First Aid specializes in repairing luggage wheels and pull handle.

99% of luggage wheel models are repairable.

We do not offer repair service for the following conditions.

Common Question

How much does the repair service charge ?

Please check the Price List for reference.
You are recommended to send us photos of the luggage to our customer service WhatsApp number (61311930 /66291685).
After initial inspection by our customer service representative, we will decide the suitable type of repair service and provide service quotation. Special remark: Final repair fee can only be determined by the repair specialist after actual inspection.

Can my luggage be repaired after sustaining heavy damage?

You may check out our Repair Examples for reference. Then you can send us photos of the luggage via WhatsApp (61311930 / 66291685). Our representative will follow up with you very soon.

Are the parts used in the repair the same as the original parts?

We will select the most suitable parts for repair or replacement. All wheel replacements are equipped with bearing so that the repaired wheel can roll smoothly. Maintenance is mainly to restore normal use functions.

How long does the repair take? Can I get it back the same day?

One of Luggage First Aid service features is our 45-minute Quick Repair Service. The repair duration depends on the condition of the luggage and the service demand at shop. Double Wheel or Movable Metal Seats With Single Wheels repair may last for 2 hours.
Express Repair Service (+$50) lasts around 15-30 minutes. Availability depends on the condition of the luggage.

Will there be maintenance after repair? How long is the post repair warranty period?

Luggage First Aid offers 3-month post repair warranty. We offer one free repair service during the warranty period. Please keep the original copy of the transaction record properly. No reissue if lost. Special Remark: 3-month warranty does not cover less than 4 single wheel repair or pull handle repair

Luggage First Aid updates product information and prices from time to time, and reserves the right to change product information and prices without prior notice. All orders are subject to the actual situation of the relevant products before final confirmation and processing.

Quick Repair

We recommend clients to take photos of the luggage and send to us via WhatsApp for initial inspection.
We will provide quotation and reserve time slot for repair service as soon as possible.
We will arrange professional repair specialist for the service. You only need to bring the luggage to the shop at reserved time slot.
After repair, our logistic team will deliver the luggage to your address (delivery fee $20 up). You can collect the luggage at shop.